Shop My Instagram

At any time, you can shop my daily looks using one of the options below:

Option 1:  Come to this page, click the photo you want to shop, and the direct links to the items in the photo will pop up.

Option 2:  SCREENSHOT any of my photos on my Instagram feed to receive outfit details via email. {This only works if you have a account.  You can create one here.}

Option 3:  Download the free app and follow "smilesandstripes."  {This is my favorite way to shop because you can add items to your "Favorites" to shop later and you can also easily clean up all of your screenshots if you choose to shop via Option 2.}

It's that easy!  As always, feel free to DM or email me with any questions.

Note: I receive a small commission when you purchase items from my links.  This allows me to continue sharing great content with y'all, so thank you SO much for your support!