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What I Packed & Actually Used for My Labor, Delivery, & Recovery Hospital Bag

I can't believe that Kennedy is already a month old!  It seems like yesterday that we were in the hospital waiting on her arrival.  Speaking of the hospital, y'all requested that I update my original hospital bag checklist with the items that I actually used, items that I didn't, and items that I wish I had so that it can be the best resource for my fellow expecting mamas!  I put a * by all of the updates to the original blog post so that you can still see what I originally packed.  If there is not a * by the item, it means that I actually did use it.  I'm also excited to share some of the photos that we took while at the hospital!

{For details on my nursery decor, check out my Nursery Reveal post!}

First and foremost, I should point out that I'm a first time mama, so everything that I packed is based on recommendations from friends and family, research, and information we learned during our hospital tour.

I delivered at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, and when we did the tour, we learned that the room that you labor & deliver in is on a totally different floor than where you recover.  Therefore, they suggest that you bring 2 bags: 1 for the labor / delivery room and 1 for the recovery room.  Disclaimer:  All hospitals may not be set up this way, so two bags may not be necessary for your respective place of delivery.

Bag 1: Labor / Delivery

While in labor, I wore the hospital provided gown and as soon as Kennedy was born, they wrapped her in their standard receiving blanket and hospital hat.  They moved us from the L&D floor to the recovery floor less than an hour after Kennedy arrived; therefore, you only need the basics for the Labor / Delivery bag.  Also keep in mind that whatever you bring to the L&D room, you'll have to move with you to recovery; so I suggest packing light.  I used my go-to Sole Society weekender bag for L&D.

  • Insurance Card / *Checkbook / *Folder for papers
    • You need your insurance card when checking into the hospital for L&D, but we did not receive any papers until we got to our recovery room.  You may need your checkbook to make a payment prior to leaving the hospital, but neither of these items were needed during L&D, so I'm moving them to my recovery checklist.
  • *Robe {I love this one from Pink Blush Maternity}
    • I did not wear my robe during L&D, but did wear it for pictures during recovery.  Moving this item to my recovery checklist.
  • *Cardigan {I packed my favorite Barefoot Dreams cardigan in case I got cold}
    • When I was going through labor, I was very hot and did not need a cardigan.
  • Cozy Socks {Again, packed my beloved Barefoot Dreams socks}
  • Slippers {these are memory foam and nearly identical to $100+ UGG slippers}
  • Pillow {with my favorite silk pillowcase, of course}
    • SO glad I had this for both L&D and recovery. The pillows at the hospital were super thin.
  • *Fan to attach to bed {this was a suggestion from my sister who recently had a baby and said it was a must-have}
    • Did not use
  • Extra long phone charging cable {I picked up two of these 10 foot ones from Amazon}
  • Basic Toiletries: Face Wipes, Chapstick, Deodorant
  • *Hair Ties - I forgot to add this to my original list, but they're a must.
  • *Gum / Mints {apparently you can't eat while in labor, so having gum and/or mints helps}
    • I was not allowed to have anything except ice chips during labor - not even gum or mints.  I would ask your doctor what their policy is on this as I've heard it can vary.
  • Camera
  • *Hospital Hat - Since I was having a girl, I did bring my own hospital hat to change her into once the nurses cleaned her up.  I received so many compliments on this cute one I snagged on Amazon {pictured above}.

Bag 2: Recovery

Once Kennedy was born, the remaining 2 nights in the hospital were spent in the recovery room. This is where you'll need more of your personal items, as well as, a few items for the baby.  The hospital will provide most of the things you'll need for postpartum recovery {like postpartum undies, peri bottle, pads, etc.}, so I left most of those items at home with the exception of a couple below.  I packed the items for me, Fielding, and Kennedy in my Delsey carry-on luggage.

For Mama:

  • Pajamas {3 sets} - I packed my absolute favorite Beautifully Soft by Stars Above pajama sets from Target.  I threw in the pants set, short set, and sleep shirt.
    • I also packed this adorable pajamas, robe, and newborn gown set by Everly Grey {shown above} for cute pictures.  It comes in several patterns appropriate for both girls and boys.
    • We were only in the hospital for 2 nights total, but I still think it's smart to pack 3 sets of pajamas in the event that you have an unexpected c-section or some other condition keeping you in the hospital for an extra day.
  • *Robe {I love this one from Pink Blush Maternity}
    • I only wore my robe for pictures.
  • *Blanket
    • I grabbed my favorite Barefoot Dreams blanket literally as we were walking out the door for the hospital, and I'm SO glad we did.  The blankets at the hospital were super thin and kinda itchy.
  • Toiletries - face wipes / skin care, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Hair - hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, brush, styling tools {if you're taking photos at the hospital}
  • Makeup Bag {if you're taking photos at the hospital} 
  • Shower Flip Flops
  • Towel - The ones at the hospital were super paper thin
  • Going home outfit - I wore these joggers, loose nursing friendly top, & sneakers
  • Nursing Bras {3} - I packed regular nursing bras and sleep nursing bras.  
    • I actually stayed in the regular nursing bras for my entire stay because they have a little padding and more support.  Since we were having visitors, I felt more comfortable in them.
  • My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow - Many people have told me they prefer this pillow for nursing vs a boppy
  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter
  • Earth Mama Perennial Spray
  • Nursing Pads
  • SNACKS - I know I'll be STARVING after baby arrives
  • *Checkbook - moved from L&D checklist since this is not needed until you checkout of the hospital
  • *Folder for papers - moved from L&D checklist since you'll receive all of your paperwork during recovery

For Dad:

  • Pajamas {3 sets}
  • Change of clothes / boxers / socks {3 sets}
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping Bag OR Twin Sheet Set 
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Basic Meds - I packed Tylenol and Tums
  • *Computer - to stream Netflix, play music, etc.
    • We did not use this

For Baby:

The hospital provided the basic necessities for baby - diapers, onesies, formula {if you're not breastfeeding}, pacifiers, swaddle blankets, medicines, creams, and more, but I opted to bring my own outfits and swaddles for cute pictures, of course.  Also make sure to bring an extra bag to stock up on all the postpartum and baby supplies the hospital gives you, you're paying for them anyway!

  • Baby book for foot / hand print - LOVE this one from Sugar Paper
  • *Onesies / Sleepers {3+ sets unless you want to use the hospital provided clothes}
    • I actually had to get my mom to bring more clothes for Kennedy to the hospital because babes spit up and have blow outs from day 1, so I ran out of clean clothes for her.
  • Socks {3 pairs}
  • *Mittens
    • We didn't need these because most of her baby clothes had the fold over mittens.
  • Swaddles - You only need these if you don't want to use the hospital ones.  I packed this adorable swaddle from Copper Pearl
  • Hats / Bows - I brought the matching hat and bow to the Copper Pearl swaddle
    • Kennedy ended up only wearing bows for pictures.  The nurses recommended keeping her in hats to help regulate her body temperature.
  • First Picture Props - I packed my letter board, this adorable personalized swaddle set from Etsy, and a baby blanket {pictured above}
  • Going Home Outfit - The Etsy shop, SK Creations, makes the CUTEST going home outfits
  • Car Seat - You don't need to bring this inside until time to go home
  • *Car Seat Cover - This is another item that I decided to pack last minute.  I'm glad we had it because it snowed the day we left the hospital.  Plus, given the current environment with coronavirus, you want to protect your baby's space as much as possible.  We don't leave the house without this cover - it keeps people from wanting to touch her or get in her face.  BONUS - it can be used as a nursing cover, as well.

For all you experienced mamas out there, what were your hospital must-haves?  Tell me in the comments below!

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