Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Third Trimester Bumpdate

I can't believe that it's time to share my third and final bump date!  I am almost 40 weeks pregnant and am preparing to go to the hospital to start the induction process TONIGHT!  

As I sit here mentally preparing for labor and what's to come, I can't help but reflect on how truly blessed I am by this pregnancy.  While there are up and downs throughout pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, I do not take for granted the fact that I have had a healthy pregnancy and am able carry this child to term.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have the opportunity to become a mother to our sweet Kennedy and absolutely cannot wait to meet her soon!

The third-trimester has been...LONG...mostly due to the anticipation and excitement of becoming parents.  I keep telling everyone that I feel like I've been pregnant for two years ha!  Fielding and I spent much of the last three months preparing for Kennedy's arrival - we took an infant CPR class, I took a breastfeeding and newborn class, we finished the nursery, took maternity photos, were showered three times by friends, family and co-workers, packed our hospital bags, and focused on spending quality time together as a family of two.  All of the preparation was so much fun!

With that being said, the last few weeks have been the hardest of the entire pregnancy.  Since we basically finished all of the planning that we could do in advance, time really started to slow down and it turned into a waiting game.  In addition to that, I started becoming more and more uncomfortable.  

At my 37 week appointment, I learned that Kennedy was full-term, head down, extremely low, my cervix was softening, and I was already 1cm dilated {AKA she was getting ready for her big debut}.  Given that, my doctor didn't think I would make it all the way to 40 weeks....and that's when time literally started standing still.  Every time I had an ache or a pain, I would think this was it.  I began having contractions almost every night {in the middle of the night} and would get so anxious / excited that I was finally going into labor...only to be disappointed when they would subside.  The hardest part of the last few weeks has been the unknown - not knowing when I'll go into labor; not knowing when to go to the hospital; not knowing what is normal / not normal.  

While I don't have a birth plan - except to get Kennedy safely out of my belly - I really wanted to naturally go into labor {without being induced}.  So I started trying every old wives tale in the book to naturally induce labor.  I went on countless walks; ate spicy foods, pineapple, dates, eggplant; drank raspberry leaf tea; bounced on an exercise ball; did squats; etc. etc.  Despite me trying ALL. THE. THINGS., here we are preparing for an induction and confirming why it's important to not have expectations or your heart set on a specific birth plan.  My doctor ultimately made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the induction process, and now I am just thrilled that I get to meet Kennedy so soon! 

Third Trimester Symptoms:

You know the ups and downs that I mentioned earlier? Well, the third trimester definitely came with some aches and pains.  As my belly grew bigger and bigger and Kennedy got lower and lower, it took a toll on my body and my ability to get comfortable.  Some of the symptoms I experienced are listed below, with many of them not starting until around 36 weeks.

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Round Ligament Pain
  • Hiccups {both me and Kennedy get them almost daily}
  • Melasma on my face {praying this goes away post-pregnancy}
  • Shortness of breath {due to her crowding my lungs / running out of space in my belly}
  • Trouble sleeping
    • Literally everyone says - make sure you're getting lots of rest and sleep before the baby arrives because you won't be getting any when she's here.  Well...I suppose nature's cruel way of preparing you for baby is not allowing you to sleep at all the last few weeks of pregnancy.
  • CONSTANT need to pee {causing the above}
  • Nesting
    • Y'all, I am a self proclaimed type A / slightly OCD person, but I have never had such a strong urge to clean, organize, and decorate our ENTIRE house.
  • Lightning Crotch
    • I had never heard of this one before and the name makes me LOL...but since Kennedy is so low, when she moves a certain way it sends an extremely sharp and unexpected pain through my nether region that literally takes my breath away.
  • Cervix Pressure {again, due to how low she is}
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions
As you can see, the third trimester brought some negative symptoms and side effects, but I am very lucky that I was able to remain active throughout, and I know every ache and pain will all be worth it in the end! 

Third Trimester Must-Have Products

Many of these are a carry-over from the Second Trimester, but still must-haves for the Third.  I couldn't have lived without the following products:

As always, thank y'all so much for your support and for following along on my pregnancy journey.  I can't believe I've already reached the end!  I look forward to sharing all things baby and motherhood, and of course lots of fashion in the coming months.

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