Saturday, November 16, 2019

Second Trimester Bumpdate

How am I already 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy!? I only have 3 months left to buy everything baby A needs and learn everything there is to know about taking care of a pressure!  But seriously, I can't believe we finally get to meet our little babe in just a few short months.

As I mentioned in my First Trimester Bumpdate, I am writing these "bumpdates" as a way to document my pregnancy for myself, as well as, share helpful information for other mamas-to-be.  Today, I am sharing my Second Trimester Bumpdate which includes our gender reveal, babymoon details, baby's first kicks, 2nd trimester cravings and symptoms, and must-have maternity products. 

How We Found Out the Gender
Fielding and I decided to take the Harmony test which is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that uses cell-free DNA to test for potential chromosomal conditions in pregnancy.  It also determines the gender!  I took the simple blood test during my 14 week appointment and was told we'd receive the results 5-10 business days later.

Fielding and I did not want to do a big gender reveal, so we decided from the get-go that we would open the results at home, with just the two of us.  I had a feeling from the very beginning that I was having a girl and Fielding was convinced we were having a boy - although as long as we were having a healthy baby, we did not care about the gender.

About 5 days after taking the blood test, the nurse called and said the results were in.  First and foremost, she confirmed that the test did not find any signs of chromosomal conditions, which was such a relief.  Then she asked if I was ready for the gender results.  As tempting as it was to go ahead and find out the gender, I had her email me the results so that Fielding and I could open them together at home.

Going the rest of the work day knowing that the results were in my email inbox was pure torture, so I called Fielding and convinced him to leave work a little early and meet me at home.  Once we were both home, we opened the email together to learn that we are having a BABY GIRL!  We are thrilled and can't wait to meet her!

In preparation for our intimate gender reveal, I bought these adorable "Big Sister" bandanas  for our pups.  After opening the results, we ran to Publix to buy pink balloons and sent out this cutie picture to tell our loved ones the exciting news!

Fielding and I LOVE to travel, so it was important to us to have one last getaway before the arrival of our baby girl.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere we've never been before that was tropical, offered an inclusive package, had a spa, and did not have a risk of Zika.  We decided on the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda.

When we arrived in Bermuda, it was raining, so we decided to make a beeline for the spa.  {You may remember from this blog post that I surprised Fielding with a birthday massage for our trip}.  I had my first prenatal massage {the massage table had a hole for my belly bump which made my day} and Fielding took advantage of all the spa amenities, like the sauna, steam room, and hot tub, and had a 90 min stress relief massage.  After our incredible massages, we hung out in their adults only indoor pool where we had lunch delivered and relaxed the rest of the day.  The entire spa experience was nothing short of amazing! 

Luckily, we had beautiful weather for the remainder of the trip, so we took advantage of Fairmont's stunning private beach where we relaxed, ate, and read - it was perfect.  

Y'all, this resort was a DREAM.  Everything from the food to the customer service to the amenities were amazing.  The resort is family friendly, so I can't wait to take baby girl back there some day.  

First Kicks
I felt baby girl kick for the first time at 19 weeks during a Pure Barre class.  I know the instructor must have thought I was crazy, because I couldn't stop smiling for the entire class.

Fielding felt her kick for the first time at 21 weeks while we were watching the Auburn vs. Texas A&M game at home.  I will never forget his gasp and huge smile when he felt her for the first time.

20 Week Ultrasound

The 20 week ultrasound was by-far my favorite doctor appointment of this pregnancy.  It was so special to see her hands, feet, and organs {in amazing detail} and confirm both that she is healthy and that she is, in fact, a girl :)

2nd Trimester Symptoms & Side Effects

Thankfully, the extreme fatigue and nausea subsided around 16 weeks and I started to feel normal again.  I finally had the energy to workout, so I decided to join Bure Barre Brookhaven to incorporate low impact, strengthening workouts to my short runs {that continue to get shorter at my pregnancy progresses}.

Overall, I felt great during my 2nd Trimester.  The only negative side effects that I experienced were some round ligament pain and some insomnia {both of which my doctor said were completely normal}.

2nd Trimester Cravings

In the 2nd trimester, I no longer craved $0.10 cent, sodium filled Raman noodles and my aversion to coffee went away {praise the Lord}.  One thing from my first trimester remained and that was my craving for fresh fruit - I am going through one of the large Publix tubs of fresh cut fruit every few days {in fact, I'm literally eating from one as we speak}.

2nd Trimester Must-Have Products

  • Rainbow Lite Prenatal Vitamin & Rainbow Lite Prenatal DHA - I take these two vitamins every night to ensure that baby girl is getting all the nutrients she needs 
  • Burt's Bees Belly Oil - My skin is becoming increasingly more dry {probably a combination of both pregnancy and colder weather}, so I rub this oil on my belly every night to keep it hydrated and prevent stretch marks.
  • Madewell Maternity Jeans - My belly bump finally got to a size where I had to purchase maternity pants.  These Madewell jeans are super comfortable, great quality, and don't slip down like some of the other brands I've tried.  They run slightly large, so I recommend going with your pre-pregnancy size or sizing down 1.
  • Old Navy Maternity Workout Leggings - These under $40 workout leggings give Lululemon a run for their money.  I love them so much that I bought 3 pairs and essentially only workout in these.  They run TTS.
  • Zella Maternity Leggings - One of the best things about being pregnant during the fall / winter is that you can wear oversized sweaters and leggings {which is literally what I'm wearing as I type this}.  These are by far the best every day leggings that I've tried - I even plan to bring them to the hospital with me to wear home.
  • Pregnancy Pillow - I literally would not be able to sleep without this thing. 
  • Unisom & Tylenol - Remember that insomnia and round ligament pain I mentioned earlier? These two meds are pregnancy safe according to my doc and helped significantly with those symptoms. {Of course, you should always consult your own doc before taking any kind of meds during pregnancy.}
  • Maternity Undies - These are so comfy, that I'll continue wearing them post pregnancy
  • Maternity Bra - This was a 100% must-have.  This bra is extremely comfortable and grows with you so that you don't have to buy larger bras during pregnancy.  It's also nursing friendly!
  • All Things from Pink Blush Maternity - This boutique is hands down my favorite place to buy all maternity clothes.  They carry everything from pajamas/robes, activewear, workwear, casual wear, baby shower dresses, and photoshoot gowns.  Get 15% off your purchase with code: smilesandstripes!
If you made it this far, you're the real MVP.  Thank you for following along on my journey to motherhood!

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