Thursday, October 10, 2019

My Hubby's 30th Birthday Gift

Today is my handsome hubby's 30th birthday and I wanted to do something extra special for him for this milestone birthday.  Fielding is seriously the BEST gift giver ever.  I never tell him what I want for my birthday, anniversary, or Christmas because he loves to surprise me with a gift he picked out himself.  He knocks it out of the park every single holiday with the most thoughtful gift.  Me on the other hand...I usually wait until the very last minute to figure out a present.  For once, I wanted to return the favor to Fielding and make it a point to do something thoughtful for his special day.  

Not to toot my own horn, but I nailed it with this gift, y'all.  So much so that I had him in tears {which NEVER happens} as he was opening it.  In fact, he loved it so much,  that he was the one who encouraged me to write this blog post "because everyone deserves to feel as special as this gift made him feel." 

I'm so excited to share this idea with y'all so that you can use it to make your own significant other feel extra special on his/her birthday or anniversary.

I was so pumped to give Fielding this gift that totally forgot to take any pictures of it before he opened it {blogger fail}, but you'll get the idea!

Fielding's love language is Words of Affirmation, so I decided to write down "30 Things I Love About You" {since it's his 30th birthday} and find a gift to go along with each one. 

I found most of the gifts at AmazonTarget, or Walmart {shocker, right?} then arranged everything in a cute basket like this one from TJ Maxx.  I wrote each thing that I love about him on a strip of paper, folded it up, wrote the # on the outside, and taped it to the corresponding present within the basket.  It was so fun to watch Fielding's eyes light up each time he opened the strip of paper to read each of the 30 things I love about him.

I'm sharing my list of things I love about my hubby and the respective gift below in the hopes that it helps spark ideas for you to create your own meaningful gift for your significant other.  You, of course, can customize your list with things that you love about your SO and gifts that fit their personality.  As you'll see, many of the gifts I picked out for Fielding are related to becoming a dad and things he'll need for our upcoming Babymoon. 

1. You're already the best daddy to Baby A.
I found this precious book, Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, for him to read to Baby A when she arrives.

2.  You protect me and make me feel safe.
I picked up some sunscreen for our Babymoon.

3.  You spoil me and treat me like a princess.
I surprised Fielding with a massage at our Babymoon resort.  You could also include a "coupon" for an at-home massage using these cute coupon templates.

4.  You take such good care of me when I'm sick / pregnant.
I grabbed a box of Fielding's go-to headache medicine.

5.  You support my goals and dreams.
I ordered a neck pillow to use when we travel to our Babymoon.

6.  You are driven.
Fielding is interested in investment real estate, so I found a book on the topic.

7.  You make me laugh and I know you'll make Baby A laugh, too
I ordered this cute Dad Jokes book.

8.  You like to snuggle.
Fielding was always jealous of my silk pillowcase, so I got him his own.

9.  You love to dance.
I picked up an iTunes gift card.

10.  You are the BEST cook and grill master.
I found the perfect "Grill Master" apron.

11.  You love Auburn as much as I do.
Fun fact: We met while attending Auburn University and we have season tickets to the football games, so I bought a nice Auburn golf shirt to add to the basket.

12.  Your smile makes me melt.
I threw in a thing of his favorite gum.

13.  You are super handy and can fix anything.
Since Fielding will be working on the nursery in the coming months, I bought a handy tape measure that doubles as a level.

14.  You make me coffee every morning before you leave for work.
I replenished his favorite espresso pods for our beloved Nespresso coffee maker.

15.  You always drive because you know I don't like to.
I added a wonderful smelling car freshener to the basket.

16.  You're extremely smart.
I grabbed a box of Nerds, which was so appropriate for this one.

17.  You are HOT ;) 
One of Fielding's friends recommended this cool gadget, a wireless meat thermometer, that you stick into meat when you're grilling and it sends the temp to your phone via bluetooth.

18.  You are sensitive.
I threw in a tube of sensitive skin face sunscreen for our trip.

19.  You have good hair.
Fielding was always stealing my Wet Brush, so I bought him his own.

20.  You ALWAYS kiss me goodnight.
Naturally, I had to include some Hershey's kisses for this one.

21.  You are athletic.
I picked up a nice water bottle to use for the gym.

22.  You work so hard to provide for our family.
He loves to wear fun socks to work, so I found a cute golf themed pair on Amazon.

23.  You are successful.
A girlfriend of mine recommended this book for new parents on raising successful people.

24.  You are willing to try / experience new things and places with me.
He loves to display photos in his office at work, so I framed one of our favorite pictures from our Italy trip.

25.  You are thoughtful.
I bought this nice leather bound notebook for him to take notes in.

26.  You are an incredible leader.
I found this funny coffee mug for him to use at work.

27.  You are a great friend to others, but you're my best friend.
I came across this sweet little keychain on Amazon.

28.  You enjoy the finer things in life - good food, wine, products, and travel.
I purchased a bottle of his favorite wine - Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon - from the local Total Wine store.

29.  You are generous always give to others and expect nothing in return.
To be honest, I struggled with a related gift for this item so I threw in his favorite candy bar.

30.  You are a true Southern Gentleman.
Fielding is a southern boy through and through and has been wanting a pair of Lucchese Cowboy Boots, so I surprised him with a pair he has had his eye on for quite some time.

If he told me once, he told me one hundred times that this was by far the best gift I've ever given him.  It made me so happy to see how special this gift made him feel.  It's such a cute idea for any birthday or even anniversary, and I hope that your SO loves it as much as mine did!  

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