Friday, February 22, 2019

FLAWLESS Skin with TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup

TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Starter Kit // Floral Robe // Slippers

Hi Friends!  I was recently introduced to an airbrush makeup company called TEMPTU who patented the first ever cordless airbrush makeup device.  I was so excited when they sent me their Perfect Canvas Starter Kit to try! Today, I'm providing my full review and sharing a few tips on achieving a smooth, glowy, flawless finish.

TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Starter Kit // Floral Robe // Slippers

TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Starter Kit // Floral Robe // Slippers

I'm not gonna lie...I was initially a little intimidated by airbrush makeup.  The only time I have ever worn it was when a professional make-up-artist applied it on my wedding day.  I'm here to tell you, you do not have to be a professional to use the TEMPTU Air...and trust me, I am the furthest thing away from a MUA.  It is so easy to apply and I have never been able to achieve such a flawless finish with my makeup!  The device turns their Perfect Canvas foundation into an extremely fine mist that allows you to achieve weightless, smooth, and thorough coverage that lasts all day literally all day.  I love how light it feels on my face, how natural it looks, and not having any dirty brushes to clean afterwards is the cherry on top!


  • The TEMPTU Air cordless airbrush makeup device
  • Perfect Canvas Hydralock Foundation Airpod in your shade of choice
  • Excellent user guide


You can find your perfect shade by taking their online shade finder quiz.  Once it comes in, if you're not happy with your shade, you have 45 days to swap it out for a different shade at no extra cost.  


I was very happy to learn that the Perfect Canvas foundation is oil free, paraben free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and vegan!  It is made of natural fruit and plant extracts that lifts and firms the skin and features an anti-aging complex of peptides.  


Today, February 22, TEMPTU is running an amazing deal on their Perfect Canvas Start Kit.  Snag it for just $99 {Regularly $195} - the lowest they've ever offered!  


Follow these 5 steps to experience flawless, healthier, younger-looking skin in just a few seconds:

  • Step 1: MOISTURIZE - Always remember to moisturize your skin to ensure a hydrated base before applying your makeup. 
  • Step 2: SPEED - Insert the Perfect Canvas AirPod into the TEMPTU Air and apply your makeup 5 inches away from your face on speed setting 2.
  • Step 3: PRACTICE - Practice applying on your hand first to ensure the making is coming out in the desired consistency.
  • Step 4: LESS IS MORE, KEEP MOVING - To avoid over-application, always press gently on the SoftTouch Control button which regulates the amount of makeup applied. Most importantly, keep the air moving in a circular motion during application.
  • Step 5: STOP AND LOOK - Always stop and look in between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage. You want to see perfected skin, not the makeup.

Y'all, this thing is a GAME. CHANGER.   Don't forget to grab one  today while they're on sale - I promise you won't regret!

TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Starter Kit // Floral Robe // Slippers

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