Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

A a runner, this gift guide was one of my favorites to create!  Find the perfect gift for all the runners, yogis, cross-fitters, soul-cyclers, hikers, or athleisure-wearers in your life.

Nike Tanjuns {$50!}

Nikes typically cost you an arm and a leg, but I found these Nike Tanjuns that come in TONS of color combos for around $50 {depending on your color choice}!

Criss-cross Sports Bra

I love the criss-cross detail on these sports bras.  They're so cute to wear with workout tanks! GapFit is my go-to place to get my workout clothes.  Their items are great quality and doesn't break the bank {like cough Lululemon cough}.  Plus there's ALWAYS a sale.  Right now, everything is 50% off! 

Apple Watch

I've told y'all several times how much I love my Apple Watch - I couldn't live without it.  I use it to track all of my workouts, my heart rate, my daily steps, and I'm even able to do fitness challenges with my husband!  What I love about the Apple Watch with cell service, is that I can safely go running without carrying my big ole iPhone 8+.

Invisibobble Hair Ties

These hair ties are great because they don't leave a crease in your hair and they're super cute to wear on your wrist.  They would make a great stocking stuffer!

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a must!  My favorite are these Beats X because they are light weight, have great sound quality, and stay in my ears whether I'm running or lifting weights.

Leopard Gym Bag Under $30! // Also love this one and this one

For those who drive straight from work to the gym {or vice versa}, a good gym bag is key!

Yoga Mat

For all the yogis in your life! I love that you can pick a yoga mat that fits your personality, and this particular one really speaks to me :)

Foam Roller 

There is nothing better than using a foam roller to massage your legs after a long run or an intense weight lifting sesh.  I also love these hand held ones that I pack with me for all my races.

Nike Tank

This Nike logo tank is great to workout in or wear with your favorite athleisure look!

Flip Belt

A Flip Belt would make the perfect gift for runners, walkers, and hikers alike.  You can store your phone, ID, credit cards, meds, etc. and it doesn't bounce or rub, at all!

This cute little under $30 puffer jacket would be perfect to throw on over your work out clothes in the winter months.  It's lightweight, but warm, and comes in several colors!

These gloves are great for those who love to exercise outdoors.  They're water proof, warm, and you can still use your touchscreen on your phone and/or watch!

Goodr Sunglasses

Finally a CUTE pair of running sunglasses that don't break the bank!  They're extremely lightweight and don't bounce up and down on your head. They also come in several styles and colors.

Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow Cookbook

Shalane Flanagan is my favorite professional marathoner and she came out with an amazing cookbook full of easy, healthy recipes to fuel runners and fitness lovers!  

Ear Warmer

These are a must when working out outside in the winter months.  I love this one because it has a reflective band around it so that cars can see ya coming from a mile away!

Workout Leggings

Old Navy is another one of my favorite places to get affordable workout clothes.  They have so many cute leggings in various colors and patterns and all for under $30!  Right now, everything is 40% off making these leggings only $19! 

Experia Socks

These are the ONLY socks that I wear to run and/or workout in.  They are padded in the toes and heel to prevent blisters but are breathable in the middle.  

Swell Waterbottle

These water bottles are not only cute but very functional.  They comes in tons of colors and patterns and would make the PERFECT gift.

I hope this guide helps you find something for all the fitness lovers on your Christmas list this year!


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